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Student Handbook

Dear Rockwood Valley Knight:

We are looking forward to having a great year with you, and hope that you find success in everything you do at RVMS. This handbook will provide you and your family with information that will be helpful in bringing that success.

Your years at Rockwood Valley Middle School will be filled with learning, growth, and fun. You will have an opportunity to build a solid foundation of core knowledge and skills, explore your interests, and enjoy time with your classmates. We strongly encourage you to stay focused on academics while taking the time and initiative to become involved in clubs, athletics, and many other activities. You will get out of middle school what you put into it!

When it comes to discipline, Rockwood Valley Middle School prides itself on a discipline plan that is fair, restorative and consistent. We believe each student has the right to learn in an atmosphere of respect, where all display responsibility and conduct themselves with integrity. We also understand there will be times when students forget their responsibilities or fall short of these high standards of behavioral expectations. For this reason, we provide a plan of discipline that has as its goal restoring both a safe and stimulating environment as well as rebuilding the relationships damaged by the misbehavior.

When a student is involved in a conflict, we view it as a situation that needs to be resolved and as a teachable moment. Therefore, we will use our collective knowledge and expertise to support the student with this critical learning. We ask parents/guardians to review this handbook along with their children as we firmly believe the home/school connection is critical to student success.

At Rockwood Valley Middle School, we are committed to supporting you, challenging you and ensuring you are safe each and every day. We are available to students and parents/guardians throughout the school year to work together and provide each student the best opportunity for a quality education. We are so excited to learn and grow with you in the year ahead. Let's work together to make this the best year yet!


Dr. Karen Hedrick, Principal
Dr. Eric Higgins, Assistant Principal
Mr. Dustin Hays, Assistant Principal