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Rockwood Valley Middle

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Developing lifelong learners with the knowledge and skills to be self-directed, responsible citizens

Dress Code

The major responsibility for student dress lies with the parents/guardians. In order to give guidance to
Rockwood Valley parents/guardians and students, the following guidelines have been established. Additional guidelines may be imposed in situations where the learning environment or student safety is impacted. When in doubt about clothing, parents/guardians or students are encouraged to check with an administrator before the garment in question is worn to school.

  • Body/Face Painting: Students are not permitted to paint their body or face.
  • Clothing with Slogans/Pictures: Clothing that displays slogans or pictures which are obscene or suggestive are not permitted. Any item that carries a slogan/picture representing alcoholic beverages, tobacco and/or its products, narcotics, profane language, violence, sex, hate groups or weapons is prohibited.
  • Coats/Jackets/Gloves: Students are not to wear coats, jackets, or non-therapeutic gloves or mittens during the school day. These items should be removed and placed in hall lockers or book bags upon arrival at school and remain there during school hours.
  • Revealing Clothes: Revealing clothing should not be worn at school. Students who wear clothing that is deemed inappropriate will be asked to change to more appropriate clothing.
  • Shoes: Shoes must be worn at all times at school. House slippers with soft soles are not acceptable.
  • Sunglasses: Students are not permitted to wear sunglasses while in the building.