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Lunch, Food, and Drink

Lunch Procedures

During lunch, parents are discouraged from bringing in outside food (such as meals or birthday treats) that is intended for a specific group of students. Outside food can inadvertently exclude students or cause a disruption.

During lunch shifts, students are expected to behave appropriately in the Commons. Students should follow these expectations:

  • Be on time to lunch and choose a seat before the bell rings or sit in the student’s assigned seat.
  • Sit at a lunch table with legs under the table. No more than six students should sit on each side of the table.
  • When the bell rings, be quiet and give attention to the person on stage for announcements. Some students may be called to the office. Remain quiet as names are read.
  • Staff members will give permission table by table for students to walk to the lunch line.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself in the lunch line. Only touch what you are going to purchase.
  • Go through the lunch line only if you are getting food or drink.
  • Return directly to the same table. Students may not walk randomly around the Commons to visit with other students.
  • Get out of your seat only to throw away trash, get fork/napkins/etc.
  • To leave the Commons during lunch to go to the restroom or fill a water bottle, students must first raise their hand and be given permission from the Commons supervisor.
  • Dismissal from The Commons is done section by section. Exit commons when your table is dismissed.
  • Tables are dismissed one by one. Throw away trash and walk to class. Recycle trash, if possible. No open food or drink items are permitted outside of the Commons.

Food and Drink Guidelines

Specific food and/or drink items may be allowed in classrooms at the discretion of the teacher. Glass bottles are not allowed in the building. Open food or drinks are not allowed in hallways at any time. Students should not bring food or drink to classrooms for class parties.