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Personal Electronic Devices

Students who bring their own personal technology devices (such as smartphones, e-readers, tablets, or laptops) to Rockwood Valley must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Classroom teachers and building administrators will determine when and how personal technology devices can be used. There will be times when the use of these devices will not be allowed. Cameras and voice recording devices may not be used at any time at school or on school buses without specific permission from a staff member.
  • When not being used for class as directed by a teacher, devices should be silenced and kept concealed.
  • Students are prohibited from using personal technology devices in dressing rooms, locker rooms, or restrooms.
  • Students may have wired earbuds for use in classes, but should never bring wireless earbuds or airpods to school.
  • Students are responsible for appropriate behavior on personal technology devices.
  • Technical support of personal technology devices will be the sole responsibility of the student.
  • The district will not be responsible or liable for any damage, loss or theft.
  • Personal technology devices connected to the district's wireless network will have filtered Internet access.
  • The district reserves the right to monitor, log and review all activity on personal technology devices connected to the district network.
  • If personal technology devices are used inappropriately and/or become a disruption to the learning environment, the device may be confiscated.
  • Access to printing devices will not be provided.
  • Students are responsible for charging their own devices and should charge them before arriving at school.
  • Consequences for not adhering to these guidelines may be given to students based on the LSMS Student Handbook and Rockwood's Policies and Regulations.

Cell Phones/Wireless Earbuds

Prior to the start of the school day, all students will turn off their cell phones and place their phones and or wireless earbuds in their lockers where they will remain for the duration of the school day.

Students in possession of a cell phone in class will be addressed as follows:

  • Incident 1 - Recorded by the teacher/verbal warning (if using phone in class, go to Incident 2)
  • Incident 2 - Cell phone placed on teacher’s desk, recorded by teacher, parent contact and optional teacher-assigned detention
  • Incident 3 or more - Referral to the office


Students should only sign into their school issued Chromebooks. Additionally, students should also report any missing or lost Chromebook to the technology desk right away.