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Grants Awarded

The Rockwood School District does a great job of providing resources for our school. However, our teachers and staff are always in need of new items to supplement their curriculum, enhance student learning, provide additional safety in the classroom, and provide extra incentives for their students. These additional efforts are what make RVMS the great school it is.

Each year, 100% of your Castle Campaign donations goes to supporting activities and events for the school, students, and staff. Approximately 3% of that donation is allocated to teacher and staff grants.

The grant committee collaborates with the school administration in the fall and winter to review teacher and staff grant applications. Prior to approving the grant applications, teacher and staff needs are evaluated and aligned with available school and district resources.

After grant review and approval by the PSO, the funds are then transferred to the school and awarded to the teachers and staff, enabling them to fulfill their needs.

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2022-2023 Grants Awarded

Requestor Request Granted
6th Grade Science Supplies for 6th grade aquatic field trips
6th Grade Science Who wants to be a 7th grader? supplies
6th Grade Science replenishing science supplies - goggles, tape measures
6th Grade Language Arts flexible seating, stools, floor pillows, chairs
6th Grade Language Arts floor mats for gathering spaces
6th Grade Math Incentives for Dream Box
7th Grade Language Arts Flexible Seating, 3 bean bags and 2 filler, flair pens
7th Grade Math Incentives for Dream Box
7th Grade Math 2 stools for high top table seating
8th Grade Language Arts Organizational items, dry erase boards, classroom visuals, classroom games
Art and Design Club Art Club supplies to replenish classroom supplies
Chess Club 5 game timers
School of Character Team Incentives for prizes