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Service Projects

The PSO is committed to giving back to our school and district community. There are several ways for students to be philanthropic at RVMS and families to support the district.


Adopt-a-Family (AAF) is a wonderful opportunity for RVMS families to give back and support our own families. Lead by the school counselors, the RVMS families can help full fill holiday wish list items for those in need. Wish list items range from clothing, toys, household items, to grocery store and utility service gift cards.

A sign-up goes out every fall for families to sign up for items they would like to purchase and give to families in need. There is always a variety of items to choose from and students love to help make those selections and to do the shopping with their families. Items are collected at the school by the November deadline.

After items have been collected, the student PSO hosts a "wrapping party" after school for students to wrap all the gifts collected. The wrapping party is always a fun event and an important part of giving back. It is always wonderful to see the generosity that goes on within our school.

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Building Beautification

Building Beautification is just what it sounds like! Help us fill the RVMS halls, classrooms and outdoors art and life! This committee has joined forces with the school and the students to make small changes to the inside and outside atmosphere of our school that has a HUGE impact!

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Coin Drive

Coin Drive is an annual event that takes place in November during the school's Turkey Smash spirit week. The Coin Drive allows each grade level team to compete for the most coins/donations collected. Teachers and students, alike, really enjoy the fun of bringing in coins/cash each morning and watching their donation levels rise! Some more than others.

This is another wonderful way to see our students working together for the good of others and making a difference at our home school.

All money collected during the coin drive goes directly to the Adopt-a-Family fund to complete the purchase of wish list items leftover and to purchase grocery store gift cards, utility service gift cards and more for those families in financial crisis.

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Grant Committee

The school district does a great job of providing resources for our teachers and staff. RVMS is incredibly lucky. However, our teachers and staff are always in need of new items to supplement their curriculum, enhance student learning, provide additional safety in the classroom, offer fun activities for their classrooms, and provide extra incentives for their students. These additional efforts that our teachers provide are what make RVMS the great school it is.

Each year, 100% of your Castle Campaign donations go to supporting activities and events for the students, school, and staff, with approximately 3% of your donation specifically going towards teacher and staff grants.

The grant committee collaborates with the school administration in the fall and winter to review teacher and staff grant applications, evaluate teacher and staff needs, and assess school and district resources available before approving any applications.

After teacher and staff grants are approved by the PSO, the PSO provides funds to those teachers to use for their needed items or the PSO will purchase those items to full fill their needs. Visit the PSO website to see how your donations are benefiting your student, your teachers, and our school.

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We always need volunteers! Middle school volunteering looks a lot different than grade school volunteering and even different than high school volunteer work. As the students grow, they are expected to take on more responsibility and that means less volunteer involvement is needed in the classroom. Where parent volunteers used to decorate the bulletin boards, help read to younger students, assist with classroom parties, and such, you are now needed to help work in the school store, organize bigger, whole school events, donate food items and assist with teacher and staff appreciation and help the PSO celebrate student achievements. There are always many ways you can be involved; it just looks different now. We encourage parents to sign up to work in the school store and see the online sign-up for many other opportunities throughout the school year!

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Rockwood Gives Back

Rockwood Gives Back is all about being a close, caring school community. Together, RSD helps support our students and families in need.

  • People: Cultivating a spirit of generosity and donations.
  • Power: Connecting services to strengthen our school district.
  • Purpose: Developing a district-wide culture of support for our children.

Check out the Giving Place, Got Your Back Pack, and much more on the Rockwood Gives Back webpage.

Sign Up to Volunteer!

The RVMS PSO uses the All-in-One Communication Tool, Membership Toolkit to make signing up to volunteer as easy as 1-2-3. Membership Toolkit Sign Ups allow you to track ALL your RVMS sign ups, ALL school year, ALL in ONE place!

Volunteer to work in the school store, help with special events, donate items for teacher appreciation, and so much more!

Sign Up to Volunteer through the Membership Toolkit